Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels Installation in Berkshire and North Devon

Harvest the cash crop on your roof

PV solar panels for farms, businesses and homes

Proven technology and guaranteed returns from the Government Feed-In-Tariffs make investment in a solar system for a home or business a sound financial investment for 20+ years.
For less than £4000.00 you can install a PV system that will generate up to 4000 units (kW hours).
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Bright Spark Solar is a trading name of JFA Ltd established in 1953.

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Bright Spark Solar is a division of JFA Ltd. Established in 1953, JFA Ltd is an international supplier of solar equipment for domestic and commercial applications. Bright Spark Solar brings together the products, experience and technical expertise required to deliver turn-key solar generating systems you can rely on.

Based in Maidenhead in Berkshire and with sales offices near Barnstaple, North Devon, Bright Spark Solar's products and installers comply with all current legislation, certifications and regulations. Installations are carried out within National Grid guidelines and the Company guarantees Feed In Tariff compliance. Bright Spark© Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panels and inverters are efficient and reliable, and come with an industry-leading insured output guarantee of at least 80% output for at least 25 years (90% to 10 years).

New state of the art photovoltaic (PV) solar panels for exceptional performance.

State of the art solar panel technology installations from Bright Spark© Solar are the perfect solution to your clean energy needs.